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(Now Blu-Ray Recording also)


Conversion Capabilities Include:

LP Conversions - Vinyl LP conversion - other records also digitized and recorded to CD Tracks or to an MP3 collection.

Cassette Conversions and other tape conversions digitized and transferred to CD Tracks or to an MP3 collection.  Vinyl to CD.

Picture Compiliations transferred  to photo montages or slide shows.

Video conversion or Audio conversion to DVD or VCD or CD's and/or slide shows.

  • Family Reunions
  • Gatherings
  • Graduations
  • Memorials
  • Weddings
  • Other Special Occasions
  • Video Editing


Pictures scanned to Blu-Ray, DVD or CD.

Slides scanned to Blu-Ray, DVD or CD.

Audio Conversions - most audio formats converted and transferred to DVD, VCD or CD or Blu-ray for mass storage.



Need your LP's or Cassettes Turned into Audio CD's or into MP3 CD Collections?  We convert LP albums and 45 records to digital media such as CD DVD or VCD's.

Would you like to see your photos or slides as slide shows?   Video compiliations?  We convert pictures and slides to CD DVD or VCD's using the best Slideshow program around, ProShow Gold.


If your record collection is important!

Vinyl LP to CD Services. If your record collection is important to you it should be preserved in a digital format which will far outlast the vinyl it came on. Records and tapes deteriorate over time and the more they are played the more the playing surfaces are damaged until the time comes when the music is so severely distorted it becomes intolerable and un-listenable. Having your vinyl collection digitized will preserve your music for a very long time.

Furthermore, the hiss, clicks and pops associated with vinyl can be minimized, and practically removed enabling you to enjoy your music as much as the day you first bought it.

We also digitize and restore photos and slides. Scanning them to a digital format then performing photo restoration.  Our technology enables us to remove scratches, correct colors and make any needed photo corrections.   See examples of our work on our Scan Pictures and Scan Slide pages.

vinyl lp to cd services


LP Conversions

vinyl lp to cd services

LP Vinyl Conversions

Analog to digital conversion can be performed from vinyl records to digital material such as CD, DVD or VCD .... or may be recorded to CD (or DVD) as MP3 Collections.  **note: (many newer stand alone DVD players can now play MP3's or WMA's on DVD.  All computers with a DVD player can play these files with the proper programs which are available for free).

You may choose whether you want the conversion performed with noise reduction, audio restoration or without noise reduction, audio restoration.

Multi-song records will be split into CD tracks matching the record.  On MP3 compiliations CD tracks will be split normally and can be named (per  request) to match the record or album.

(Naming may run extra depending on the project.)

Slide shows created and video edits performed.

Slide shows created from your favorite photos and slides.

Slide shows created on CD's or DVD's can be played on stand-alone DVD players or on Computers and now Tablets. ProShow Gold is used for creating Slideshows.

Photo montages can be created or just have your photos put on digital media for long term storage. 

Photo presentation software will be included with the order at your request.

Video editing of your MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI etc. files.  Transferring of VHS (non-copyrighted material) to DVD or VCD depending on the length of the video.  Both may be viewed on standalone DVD players.





vinyl lp to cd services


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